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BSc and MSc theses


For students of the study programs Geodäsie and Geoinformation and Geodetic Engineering, we always offer Bachelor and Master theses on current topics in the context of the analysis and visualization of geoinformation. In a joint discussion with interested students, we specify a topic from one of three subject blocks, which are roughly outlined under the following links:

When setting the topic, we take individual interests and previous knowledge into account. The task of bachelor theses is less complex than that of master theses; in particular, the work steps to be performed are specified more strongly. In principle, however, the definition of topics is based on the same principle: Students make an appointment with the contact persons named in the documents linked above in order to discuss the assignment of a topic without obligation.

Students of other degree programs should contact Prof. Haunert directly to discuss the possibility of supervision. This usually requires the involvement of the examination office responsible for the degree program.

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